19.Sep.2012 10 Minute Solution Carb Burner

10 Minute Solution Carb Burner


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How It Works

In 10 Minute Solution Carb Burner, instructor Michelle Dozois leads you through 5 effective carb and calorie burning workouts, each lasting 10minutes.

Who It’s For

All the exercises are easy to follow, and if you have the energy to burn, you can do this workout. They are short and great for people with any level of fitness (as long as you’re somewhat in shape already).

What To Expect

Do 10 minutes, 50 minutes, or any amount of time in between with thesecardio exercises that will have you sweating in no time.

The first two, “Slow and Steady Burn” and “Carb Killer” keep your heartpumping at a nice steady pace with traditional kickboxing movements. “Power Blast” commands more of your energy to burn through the quicker paced and more challenging movements. “Interval Burn” keeps you burning calories and carbs, and “Metabolism Booster” maximizes the burn with hand weight exercises geared to build muscle and increase metabolism.

I did all 5 segments in a row and was drenched with sweat afterward and felt really good. I’ve only done this video once so far, but I plan on doing it over and over again. I did feel some of the impact on my knees in the “Power Blast” segment, so I will have to be conscious of that next time.

This cardio workout is great if you’re a busy mom, student, professional, or just plain busy. Although I recommend at least 20 minutes of activity for an effective heart rate and calorie burn, you can squeeze in a good heart pumping routine in only 10 minutes with this video.

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