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Ab equipment can help you achieve faster results in your quest for washboard abs. Everyone wants a flat stomach, but how do you achieve it? You might wonder how to burn belly fat? The most important factors for getting a flat stomach is losing body fat, and strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. While it’s not necessary to have special equipment to tone your abs, there are some gadgets that can add variety to your tedious crunch routine and help you tone-up quicker.

1. Exercise Ball

One of the best pieces of ab equipment you can own is an exercise ball, especially in working your abdominal muscles. One of the most effective exercises for abs and for improving flexibility, balance, coordination and strength is the “ball crunch”. The exercise ball is versatile in that you can use it during your workouts or sit on it while you watch TV/work on computer for improving posture.

2. BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU is not your traditional ab gadget. The BOSU (Both Sides Up) has a flexible dome on top and a flat platform underneath. To challenge your stability, it enables you to stand, jump, squat, twist and bounce . You use your ab and back muscles for stabilization and balance, so the BOSU is a great gadget for strengthening your core without doing tedious crunches.

3. Core Max

This is one of the best DVDs for working your midsection. Cathe Friedrich, the instructor, leads you though 3 different workouts, each about 20 minutes long. One uses no equipment, one requires an exercise ball and one requires a medicine and exercise ball. There’s plenty of variety with pre-mixed workouts to chose from. This video is for not for beginning exercisers.

4. Foam Roller

The foam roller looks a little weird, but to use it you lie it for crunches, leg lifts or other exercises to work your abs. Because it’s an unstable surface, it really works those ab and back stabilizer muscles. An unlikely piece of ab equipment that works wonders.

5. Pilates

Pilates promotes endurance, flexibility and relaxation. It is an incredible workout for the whole mid-section. Doing Pilates will improve both the functionality and strength of your abs and your posture.

6. Medicine Ball

Bounce, throw, toss, or rotate it while doing abdominal exercises or other moves for a great ab workout. The medicine ball comes in a variety of weights and sizes and can add an element of fun to your workouts while working the abdominals and back muscles.

7. Slendertone Flex

For those who want a flat stomach without exercise.

8. Ab Dolly

AB Dolly exercises are some of the most challenging core workouts. But they can also be fast, fun, and incredibly effective. Best of all, the exercises give you a total upper body workout and are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. Here’s an illustration of some of the positions, along with instructions on how to do them.

In addition to these pieces of ab equipment, you can own abdominal fitness machines that give you more variety in your ab workouts, quicker results and therefore more motivation.

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