19.Sep.2012 Abdominal Crunches: Variations of the Basic Crunch

Although abdominal crunches are the most hated ab exercise known to man, they are effective in getting six pack abs. Do them in addition to other exercises for the best results. In this article, I will show you how to do variations of the regular crunch such as twisting/bicycle crunches, machine crunches, and stability ball crunches.


Strengthening your core muscles one of the main steps to having six pack abs. The other steps are proper diet and incorporating fat melting exercises into your routine. Go for a run, swim, or do exercise DVDs at your home.

Twisting Crunches aka Bicycle Crunches

These crunches work your obliques, upper and lower abs.

How to do twisting crunches:

1. This crunch is similar to regular/reverse crunches except you bring your knees up in an alternating motion, and twist your torso so that your knees and elbows cross opposite sides of your body.
2. Alternate sides, releasing and lowering your torso and then repeat this movement twisting in the opposite direction.

bicycle crunches

Machine Crunches

Ab machines are extremely popular because they are effective and most of the time you get to be upright as opposed to being on the floor. They also provide any amount of resistance you would like.

How to do machine crunches:

This exercise is just regular crunches just performed on machine.

machine crunches

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Stability Ball Crunches

How to do stability ball crunches:

This is just like regular crunches but performed on a stability ball. Make sure you crunch and release in a full range of motion and squeeze hard when you crunch. This technique provides more muscle resistance because you have to use your core for more balance.

Stability Ball Crunches

With all crunches that you perform, you must remember some important tips. Always keep your neck and hands relaxed. Remember to breath. You exhale as you crunch and inhale as you release. 

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