20.Sep.2012 Bar Method Body Designer Sculpting Review

The Bar Method Body
Designer Sculpting

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How It Works

The Bar Method Body Designer Sculpting is a 45 minute full-body toning workout designed to both elongate and sculpt.

Who It’s For

It’s suitable for experienced beginners to intermediate level exercisers. You will need 1-5 pound hand weights, a ballet barre or sturdy chair, and a mat if you’re not exercising on carpet.

What To Expect

Expect a really great toning workout that is definitely worth checking out. During these toning exercises you target your whole body. You start out with a warmup, then graduate to your upper body using hand weights. Then you move on to the lower body with standing leg exercises and other lower body exercises that tighten and firm your thighs, glutes, and butt. It’s non-impact, and rounds out the routine with a lot of good stretching. Expect a tone body in no time.

The movements are subtle and you might mistake them for being too simple before you start feeling the burn. And you will feel the burn! I was sore the next day and after a few times working out to this video, I started seeing a difference in my thighs especially. Which is great for me, because I seem to carry most weight in my thighs.

The instructor Burr Leonard is pretty comical in the way she speaks and the music could be a little better, but overall this is a good exercise DVD to tone up with.

Order The Bar Method Body – Designer Sculpting

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