02.Oct.2012 Best Appetite Suppressant

The best appetite suppressants are natural in nature. Here’s my list of my favorite 10 that keep my appetite under control.

Best Appetite Suppressant List


One large apple has about 5 grams of fiber, which fills up the stomach for a good duration. They are also low glycemic, which means that the sugar of an apple won’t make your blood sugar spike and crash. When your blood sugar is regulated, it sends signals to your body that you aren’t hungry. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, it also keeps your hunger at bay.


Flaxseeds are not only a great way to eat your essential fatty acids, they also add a great deal of soluble fiber to your diet. Eat a handful or put them in your cottage cheese, yogurt, shakes and give your body these slow-digesting fats that keep you satisfied.


Caffeine is not only a stimulant that increases your fat burning by 6 percent when consumed before a workout, it is also a great appetite suppressant. It stimulates your central nervous system with the side effect of a decreased appetite.


Not only does water fill up your stomach, staying hydrated is important for proper communication of signals in your body. When you are dehydrated, you feel fatigued, and may confuse the tiredness with lack of food calories. And when your body is tired, your brain will signal to your body that you are hungry, when you’re really not.


Hoodia , which is a root from Africa, is a supplement that is believed to help control hunger. In Africa, hunters used it on their expeditions to keep them from feeling hungry and shortening their trips. Hoodia takes a while to get into your system and produce a suppressed appetite, so use it for a while before judging whether it works for you.

Cabbage Soup
Having soup before a meal is a great way to decrease the amount of food you eat during your meal. Hot liquids take the edge off hunger and since cabbage soup is so low calorie, you can eat quite a bit to fill up your stomach. The vegetables and hot liquid are a great combination to fill you up quick.


Spicy foods is also one of the best appetite suppressants. In addition to hunger suppression, wasabi has also been known to help protect against cancer and provide anti-inflammatory effects.


Starting your morning with non-sweetened oatmeal is a great way to prevent hunger later on in the morning. Oatmeal’s dietary fiber is higher than that of most cereal and when eating the original kind, it doesn’t have any sugar, meaning it’s not going to spike and crash your blood sugar levels. For added flavor, you can add some apple sauce or cinnamon.


Since healthy fats and protein keep you satisfied for hours, Salmon works well to reduce your appetite due to the healthy fats and protein it contains. High protein foods are the most satiating foods upon being eaten, and fats have staying power to keep you feeling full for a while. By eating salmon, you get both appetite suppressants.


Almonds make for a great snack between meals are are another fantastic source of healthy fats. People think that adding nuts to your diet increases your chances of gaining weight because of the fat and calorie content, but according to some research I have read, it is not true. Your body can’t digest most of the almond, therefore it wont absorb more than 20 percent of the fat content. The appetite reducing effects of nuts take about 30 minutes before you feel them, so eat almonds before you get really hungry or you’ll be tempted to eat a lot of nuts or more than just almonds.

I hope this list will help you discover your best appetite suppressant!

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