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You’ve come to the perfect place to learn about the best abdominal exercise for building your core strength, and developing rock hard abs.


Besides the fact that beer bellies and love handles are unsightly and undesired, there are many reasons why building your core strength is important:

1. Your posture.
2. Reduces the chance of back problems and reduces the chance of injury while working out.
3. Develop a great looking stomach. (I’m sure many of you desire to look good naked or in swim wear.)
4. Burn fat and calories.

First of all, lets talk about the formula for great abs. There are two steps involved:

1. Core strength training with crunches done on the floor, or with the use of effective ab equipment.

2. Burn off excess fat so that your muscles are visible. Read all about how to burn fat fast on this site. Learn how to give your metabolism a boost.


Now, let’s move on to the best abdominal exercises for a flat stomach. Core workouts should be done on strength training days or at the end of your cardiovascular routine.

Here are my top 5 that helped me shape my abs. Best part is you don’t need gym equipment for these.

The best abdominal exercise for burning belly fat and building muscle is the Bicycle Crunch. This is one of the only flat stomach exercise that engages all of your abdominal muscle groups. In addition to building a strong core, you are also getting a built in mini-cardio workout as well. Pay attention to your speed and make sure to use proper form.

The American Council on Exercises did a study on the effectiveness of ab workouts – the bicycle crunch was the winner. Read the study

Bicycle Crunches -The Best Abdominal Exercise

bike crunch

bike crunch





1. Lie flat on your back, put your hands beside your head, bring your knees up and kick your legs out in an alternating motion, twisting your torso so that your knees and elbows cross opposite sides of your body.
2. Alternate sides, pedaling a leg out while bringing the other knee in. Bring your elbows close to the opposite knees. Remember to breath out as you crunch.

4 other highly effective abdominal workouts:

Front Plank On A Ball



Rest your forearms on a flat bench and the balls of your feet on an exercise ball. Contract your abs so that your body is parallel to the floor and there is no dip in your lower back. Hold the position for 60 seconds while breathing steadily. This is more effective than a regular plank because you use added strength to balance yourself on the ball.




Use a mat for this one. Lie down on your back and extend your arms above your head. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs toward the ceiling, until your fingertips touch your toes (if you can). Slowly return to the starting position. Do 10 reps. Burning yet? Yep, I’m sure you are.

Swissball Pike and Roll Out

This one requires a lot of strength. You also get a great arm workout too! I call it the next best abdominal exercise.

swiss ball pike rollout


To start the pike/roll-out, simply hold yourself in a pushup position with your feet on a swiss ball. (To make the exercise easier, move the swiss ball towards your belly button) With your body in a plank (straight) position, keep your legs straight and push your hips towards the ceiling while keeping your back flat. After straightening your hips and coming back to the start position, push your body backwards on the ball until your arms are fully extended in front of you and your legs are fully extended behind you.


Side Planks


side plank

Lie on one side, lifting your body off the ground such that your body weight rests on your forearm and the side of your foot. You can keep feet together or lie them side by side for additional support. Contract and squeeze your abs as you breathe. Hold for 60 seconds and repeat the other side.


Core Training Is Very Important Too

Many people mistakenly believe that flat stomach exercises and core strength exercises give the same result. Yes, doing core exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but the reason to strengthen your core is that a solid core minimizes your chances of injury, balances your muscles, helps you stand up tall, and protects your spine.

Core Exercises – Core Strengthening Exercises

• Core Stabilization is vital to our existence. Core conditioning will decrease the incidences of back problems, ruptured discs, pulled abdominal muscles, and will considerably improve your posture.
• Core Strengthening involves more than basic ab crunches…


Total Core Strengthening is the Key
Ready for a system that works to build a strong core? I suggest you giveCombat Core Strength Training a try as it will help you build amazing core strength with dozens of core training exercises.

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