BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator is a standard way to determine if you’re at a healthy weight, or if you’re overweight, or obese. Sometimes it’s referred to as an ideal body weight calculator. It lets you know if you’re at an ideal body weight, or if you need to start making adjustments in your lifestyle for a healthier body.


Classifications in BMI Calculator

BMI of less than 18.5 = Underweight

Between 18.5 and 24.9 = Ideal

Between 25 and 29.9 = Overweight

BMI over 30 = Obese

Your body mass index is the ratio of body weight to height and is calculated using this formula: your weight divided by your height and then multiplied by your height.

A BMI Calculator helps you determine if your weight translates into a health issue because a body mass index draws the association between excessive weight and the probability for disease (obesity).

Although a BMI Calculator is useful, BMI isn’t a complete index of body composition. Other factors such as bone density and muscle mass are not accounted for in the calculation. For example, if a body builder calculated his BMI, he would probably be classified as obese, which probably isn’t the case.

When you take your BMI into account, you also need to consider other factors such as your age, nationality, sex, and daily habits to really determine if you at risk for disease. Talk to your doctor if your BMI raises concern.

A BMI calculator is a good tool for making a health generalization about your current weight, but you should always take into consideration other factors that the calculator can’t compute.

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