19.Sep.2012 Burn Belly Fat in 10 Minutes

Do you want to burn belly fat and shape your body without going to the gym? If you do, then use this 10 minute exercise routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home. With 10 minutes a day, you should burn an average of 150 calories a day.

For the first two minutes, you should jump rope. Begin with performing about two jumps of each turn of the rope. Use a size of rope that fits your height and always land lightly on the balls of your feet near your toes.

For the next three minutes you should be doing a squat thrust into a push-up. The correct method of this fitness routine is to stand with your feet, shoulder width apart and put your arms straight down to your sides. Next, you squat down, head forward while bringing your hands down to the floor, just outside of your feet. Your hands need to be pointing forward. In just one movement, push your legs back and then out behind you, the same with how you do in a pushup position. Routine should be squat, pushup and then jump back to a squat position, and then push back up. See image below.

squat thrust


For the last five minutes you need to go back to the squat thrust and push up, but this time, at the end of each push up when you are in the starting position, add knee lifts. Alternate bringing each knee up to the opposite side of your body and squeeze your abs.


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