18.Sep.2012 Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

There’s a good amount of calories burned swimming. Swimming is not only a fat burning exercise, it’s also a great strengthening and toning workout for the arms and legs. It is also a fantastic cardiovascular workout for the heart. When you swim, you’re really using your entire body to stay afloat, to move forward, and to come up for air. Using your entire body combined with the resistance of the water requires a lot of energy, therefore you are burning a good amount of calories.

Use this calorie burned calculator to find out the amount of calories you burn swimming.

Calories Burned Calculator
Estimate the calories you burned swimming:

According to the HealthStatus website, a 150-lb. person can burn approximately 207 calories after 30 minutes of moderate swimming. This calorie count increases to 333 calories with 30 minutes of vigorous swimming. In the same time frame, a 190-lb. person can burn 262 calories with moderate swimming and 422 calories with vigorous swimming, while a 230-lb. person can burn 317 or 511 calories, respectively.

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