19.Sep.2012 Crunch Candlelight Yoga Review

Crunch Candlelight Yoga

Crunch Candlelight Yoga

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How It Works

Crunch Candlelight Yoga is a 45 minute relaxing yoga routine and a 15 minute energizing routine.

Who It’s For

A variety of fitness levels. Beginners won’t find it too challenging, while intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners will enjoy the simplicity of the poses that are designed to sooth and stretch.

What To Expect

If you’re one for power yoga and intense workouts, this yoga DVD offers a nice break in strenuous activity. Instructor Sara Ivanoe leads through a series of poses that are healing, restorative, and relaxing.

You grow calmer as you slowly move through a series of downward facing dog, twists, cats, and forward bends. One of the students in the video shows the modified versions of these while Sara urges you to go at your own pace and use the modifications if you need to.

What I like most about this yoga routine is the great stretch it provides for better flexibility. I feel so good after a great stretch in the mornings and at night before bed. Stretching releases so much tension and leaves me feeling great. This yoga routine is a simple and revitalizing way to start or end your day.

To Order: Crunch – Candlelight Yoga

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