20.Sep.2012 Crunch Super SlimDown Review

Crunch Super SlimDown

How It Works

Crunch Super SlimDown is a 40 minute blend of yoga and Pilates movements, designed to strengthen and stretch. It’s broken down into four sections, two for yoga and two for pilates.

Who It’s For

Beginner to intermediate.

What To Expect

Expect to tone your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, glutes, hips, and everything in-between. Instructor Ellen Barrett starts you out with flowing yoga positions to warm the body. Then you move down to your mat for a seemingly easy Pilates routine that sneaks up on you the next day in the form of soreness.

This routine is a refreshing and creative approach to working out. Even though it’s a combination of yoga and Pilates, it’s not a traditional approach to either. I include it in the Pilates Review section of this site because I feel that it’s more a Pilates routine with a yoga warmup. The yoga movements at the beginning create heat and warm-up the body as you flow in and out of positions, getting your body ready the dominant Pilates routine.

I use it as a great stress reliever, concentrating on the routine while I sweat and burn calories with Pilates. By the time it’s over, I feel like I could keep going. It’s non-strenuous, but keeps you working and burning.

I’ve had this DVD for a couple years and I keep coming back to it. I’ll find new videos to try and end up putting them into rotation, phasing this one out. But then after a while I pop it in the DVD player and rediscover how much I enjoy it.

Crunch Super Slim Down

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