20.Sep.2012 Denise Austin Hit The Spot Pilates Review

Denise Austin Hit The Spot Pilates

How It Works

Denise Austin Hit the Spot Pilates is six quick, 10 minute Pilates routines that target specific areas of the body. It includes an additional 15-minute “Pilates Challenge” that works the entire body.

Who It’s For

Advanced beginners to intermediate. Some of the segments are challenging and it’s fairly face paced, so you should be familiar with proper form. You will need a mat.

What To Expect

Denise Austin Hit the Spot Pilates routine is great for targeting the areas of the body you feel need the most work. The running time is long because their are 7 workouts that include 6 targeting and 1 full body. You can customize your routine to match your needs.

The video is broken down into two segments. The first, “Abs and Waist Line”, include three 10 minute workouts designed to sculpt your abs, trim your waist and improve your posture. The second, “The Lower Body- Hips, Thighs and Buttox” is three 10 minute workouts that target the areas listed in the title.

This isn’t much of an arm exercise. You do work the arm muscles, but there is no targeting routine for them. You may want to incorporate handweights, or work your arms separately if needed. It’s also lacking a stretching segment, so make sure you stretch on your own.

Usually when I first try a workout that is split up into 10-minute segments, I do the entire exercise DVD all at once. Not this time. The duration was just too long for my schedule. I did half of it one day and then half the next day.

On both days, I felt I got a great workout. The routines are easy to follow and Denise is a great instructor. She’s a little too peppy for my taste, but not to the point of annoyance. And what’s great is that the DVD gives you the option to listen to music instead of voice instruction.

I’m definitely going to use this video in rotation to target my thighs, hips, and buttox. I find those are the toughest parts of my body to keep slim and this workout will help keep them in check.

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