Diets For Kids

Implementing proper nutrition in diets for kids and teens can be challenging. Children are targeted with persuasive and flashy advertising from a very young age. Colorful cartoon characters convince the kids of what they need so they can tell their parents to buy it for them.

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Most foods that are advertised to kids are high in sugars, are very processed and are very unhealthy. As a parent, you need to know what not to buy for your kids, no matter how much they beg and plead. At their age, the person responsible for their health is you.

Weight Loss for Kids

It’s not a good idea to put overweight kids on super restrictive diets. Any restriction should include the entire family as a team effort to be more healthy and not alienate a single individual.

Kids should eat good fats like Omega 3 and Omega-6. Sources of omega-3 are tuna, salmon, sesame seeds, nuts, sardines. Sources of omega-6 are Avocado, sunflower seeds, corn, almonds.

Protein is essential for children but should be consumed in moderation so as not to overload the kidneys. Good protein sources include; eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey and some grains like oatmeal.

Children do not need reduced carbohydrates and it should complete the largest percentage of their diet. Keep in mind, they must consume good low glycemic carbohydrates like fruits, veggies, whole grains breads and cereals and not bad carbohydrates found in sugary drinks, candy, snack foods and other processed food.

Meal Plan Ideas - Diets for Kids


Low-sugar granola. Can be served with milk, sliced bananas, or fruit juice diluted with water.

Cup of non-sweetened cornflakes with a side of apple and/or chopped nuts.

Scrambled eggs on whole grain toast, with plain non-sweetened yogurt and berries.

Oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon.

Boiled beans on whole grain toast with a small glass of whole milk.



Baked potato with turkey.

Baked chicken and green veggies.

Macaroni cheese and green veggies.

Chicken and bean soup.

Whole grain pasta, with a side salad.

Tuna sandwich made with whole grain bread.



Egg white omelet with green beans.

Tuna salad with steamed carrots.

Baked chiken with pasta bows and vegetables.

Whole grain pita bread with turkey slices and cheese single.

Grilled salmon with side salad.

Chicken and mixed vegetable casserole.



Cup of popcorn (home-made) with no butter.

Un-salted mixed nuts.


Cream cheese on oatcakes and grapes.

Smoothie made of milk and red berries.

Unsweetened almond butter on whole grain toast.

Sliced carrots and celery with hummus dip.

Fresh fruit salad with non-sweetened granola.

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