25.Sep.2012 DietWatch Overview

DietWatch offers personalized meal plansdesigned by dietitians to help you reach your goal weight.

You start off with a Free Diet Profile, which is used to design the best plan for you. You can also choose tolose weight or to just maintain weight. 


Types of Meal Plans Offered


No Restrictions:

A balanced diet for maintenance and health.


Reduced Carbohydrate:

Not an extremely low carb diet like Atkins. Designed to reduce your carbohydrate intake to 40%.


Heart Healthy Mediterranean:

Limits cholesterol and saturated fat intake.



Lacto-ovo with a diet including eggs and dairy products.


Ending Emotional Eating

Their Mastering Food Program is a 12 week course designed to help you understand and overcome emotional eating. You uncover the stresses and emotional triggers that cause binging and overeating. *Offered at an additional charge.


A Great Program

This program has it all covered: diet, fitness, mind and body, and support. Get a personalized meal planner and shopping list, track your nutrition, keep up with your exercise program, get help in coping with life’s troubles, and find encouragement and support through message boards, chat rooms and blogs. With membership you have access to a registered dietician, certified trainer, nutritionist, and psychologist.



Weekly Plan


Yearly Plan



Great program for the money. By subscribing to the yearly plan, you save 50%. 

Finding the Best Weight Loss Program Home 

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