25.Sep.2012 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Simple Things To Change In Your Diet

Ever wished there was an Easy Button for weight loss? A magic button doesn’t exist, but there are easy ways to lose weight that only require you to do one thing: Make a healthier choice.

You can easily lose weight by choosing alternatives to high-calorie foods. You can substitute as little as 3 types of food and experience better weight control and weight loss.

For example:

Let’s say you eat these items 5 days a week for a year. But instead of the high-calorie item you chose the healthy alternative. Take a look at the significant amount of weight you would lose in a year.



Substitute: 1 cup of skim milk (90 cal)

Instead of: 1 cup of whole milk (150 cal)

Difference of: 60 calories

Weight loss: 15600 calories shaved for the year = 4.45 pounds


Substitute: 6 oz of fat free yogurt (80 cal)

Instead of: 6 oz of yogurt made with whole milk (190 cal)

Difference of: 110 calories

Weight loss: 28600 calories shaved for the year = 8.17 pounds



Substitute: Non-stick, no calorie cooking spray (0 cal)

Instead of: Tablespoon of oil or butter to grease a pan (120 cal)

Difference of: 120 calories

Weight loss: 31200 calories shaved for the year = 8.9 pounds

By making 3 easy adjustments to the types of food that you eat on a daily basis, you can lose a lot of weight overtime. With these easy examples, making a healthier choice (5 days a week for a year), results in a 21.53 pound drop.

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