19.Sep.2012 Exercises to Burn Fat

Exercises to Burn Fat Should Build Muscle and Burn Lots of Calories

Exercises to burn fat will trim your body because of two things: the calories you burn and the muscle you build.

We all know that exercise burns calories, but exercise burns more calories when you have more muscle. On the same coin, when you exercise and strength train, you gain more muscle, therefore, in any exercise you do, you’ll burn more calories.

There are two types of fat burning exercises:

Aerobic and Anaerobic

Aerobic exercises to burn fat are running, walking, swimming, soccer, jogging, jumping rope, or any physical exercise that requires oxygen to be delivered to the muscles.

Anaerobic exercises (weight lifting) burn fat and build muscle (which, enables you to burn more fat while you work out, and continue burning thereafter). These exercises are don’t rely on oxygen for fuel, and burn stores of fat and glycogen.

So which type of exercise is best for burning fat?

For immediate fat burning, the best type of exercise is aerobic/cardio. To increase long term calorie expenditure, the best type of exercise is weight training.

It’s best to do both…although, there is a certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor who says you don’t need “traditional”cardio to burn fat quickly. Many people who have tried his program agree, and have seen amazing results.

But if you like your cardio, the best program is combined with strength training. For example, a 60 minute workout routine could consist of 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training. Or you could alternate days.

Which one should I do first?

Many certified personal trainers agree that it’s up to your individual goals and personal preference. If you’re concentrating on building muscle and strength, you should do weight training first. If your goal is to gain cardiovascular endurance, then you should do cardio workouts first.

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