24.Sep.2012 HCG Injections

HCG injections should be administered once daily for a maximum of 40 days. Your HCG kit should include very fine needles that are 2 inches in length.

hcg injection


The injections won’t produce scarring if done correctly, and if you’re careful they can be 100 percent painless. The best site for injection is the outer upper portion a butt cheek. The injection should be administered into muscle and should be given at intervals of 24 hours.

Please remember that injections for weight loss should only be taken after consulting a physician. Doctors will examine and test your body to make sure that the injections and 500 calorie diet are suitable for you. They will also give you more proper instructions on the method of injecting yourself.

Buying HCG Without a Prescription

Buying HCG over the internet is risky business. Make sure the company you are buying from is reputable and that buy their stock from an American pharmacy.

HCG Injections to How to Burn Belly Fat Home

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