25.Sep.2012 Healthy Eating For Children

Healthy Eating For Children

Healthy eating for children is essential to their growth, health and well being. A good healthy mean can stabilize your child’s blood sugar and energy, sharpen their thinking, and stabilize their moods.

How to Promote Healthy Childhood Eating Habits – Healthy Eating For Children

Eat as a family regularly. Healthy eating is a stronger message to kids when the whole family is participating. Set a good example, enjoy some family time, and let your child know that your family is all about eating the right foods. Healthy eating makes weight loss for kids easy.

Skip the takeout and cook nutritious meals at home. Home cooked meals are healthier for the entire family and they set great examples for kids about the important efforts made to eat better. Meals from restaurants and fast food always have more fat, sodium, carbs, cholesterol, and sugars than most meals you make at home. Save eating out for special occasions.

Involve your Kids Children have fun helping their parents shop for groceries, picking out lunches, and making dinner. These moments also provide a great opportunity to teach them about food labels and what to stay away from (like hydronated oils).

Make a variety of healthy snacks available instead of empty calorie snacks. Stock your home with lots of whole grain snacks, healthy drinks, fruits, and veggies so kids become used to eating healthy snacks instead of candy, chips and soda.

Limit portion sizes. If you do happen to get fast food, never super-size their meal, and make sure when you are eating at home that you’re not over-filling your child’s plate with more than they should eat.


Limit Sugar – Healthy Eating For Children

According to the The American Heart Association, the recommended amount of sugar intake for kids is only 3 teaspoons a day. This means added sugar from candies and cookies and other snacks. Make sure your child isn’t overloading on hidden sugars from condiments like ketchup, canned and processed foods like soups, frozen breakfasts, etc.

Do Allow Some Sweets. We tend to overindulge and binge on things we forbid ourselves, so do allow some sweets so they aren’t sneaking around binging on sugar at school.

Revamp your recipes when making sweet treats. Many recipes taste just as good with less sugar.

Can the sugary drinks and sodas. One 12-oz soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar in it, more than three times the daily recommended limit for children! Try adding a splash of fruit juice to sparkling water instead.

Processed foods are the enemy. Instead of white bread for your child’s sandwich, use whole grain bread, make whole grain pastas, and limit their packaged food consumption as much as possible. Have them eat fresh and healthy.

Get creative with frozen snacks. It’s easy to make your own popsicles instead of buying the ones with added flavors and weird chemicals. Freeze 100% fruit juice in an ice-cube tray with plastic spoons as popsicle handles. Or try freezing grapes, berries, banana pieces, or peach slices, then topping with a little chocolate sauce or whipped cream for an amazing treat.


Get Your Children to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables – Healthy Eating For Children

Blend an all fruit smoothie for your child as a snack. Add some spinach without telling them and they will never know it’s there!

Add vegetables and fruits to baked goods – banana pancakes, zucchini bread, carrot muffins.

Add extra vegetables to soups and stews.

Keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies chopped, washed and available as snacks. Apples, pears, bananas, grapes, figs, carrot and celery sticks are all easy to eat on the run. Add yogurt or almond butter for extra protein and fun.

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