25.Sep.2012 Jenny Craig for 1-2 Pound Loss Per Week

Jenny Craig is a popular meal replacement program with franchises throughout the world. Meals in the program are portion controlled and are designed to meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

When you first sign up, you’ll meet with a Program Director at a local center or over the phone to review your eating habits and to develop guidelines that are right for you. You choose a plan and select from entrees called Jenny’s Cuisine. You eat 3 entrees per day along with snacks from the program and your own fruits and vegetables.

Weight Loss

Expected weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.

One on One Guidance

If you like to have private guidance for your weight loss journey, this program may prove beneficial for you. You meet with your consultant every week for help with motivation and guidance through any challenges you might face.

One flaw with their private guidance is that the consultants are not required to have any formal training in weight loss management.

The Expense

In comparison with  Nutrisystem, this program costs more because in addition to paying for the food, you pay extra for the support and tools that you’d receive with Nutrisystem for free.

The enrollment and participation fees vary and the cost of three daily ready-made meals is approximately $420.00-530.00 per 28 days. Once you reach your goal weight, the weight maintenance is available for a fee.

The program encourages you to exercise, and will be happy to sell you exercise videos from their collection.

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