20.Sep.2012 Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones Review

Jillian Michaels
No More Trouble Zones

How It Works

Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones is almost an hour of toning and circuit-training exercises focusing on the entire body.

Who It’s For

The intensity of this workout makes it more suitable for those who are intermediate to advanced. You will need a mat and 3-8 pound weights (depending on your strength level- I used 2 pound weights to start out because there are so many reps).

What To Expect

Jillian starts you out with a warm up, then leads you into about 45 minutes of circuit-training exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously: chest and abs, triceps and legs, shoulders and quads.

Expect a tough workout with Jillian who’s no-nonsense attitude and bossy nature keeps you focused on the job. She really makes you want to get through it.

The first time I tried this video, I used 2 pound weights because I knew it was going to be an intense workout and didn’t want to strain myself. Then the few times after, I’ve used 4 pound weights, which made the workout incredibly challenging and tough. This is one great circuit-training routine.

Your heart rate stays up, you sweat, and you really feel the burn. Expect to be sore afterward, and maybe for a few days. If you want a challenging workout that yields great results, this is definitely an exercise DVD you should try.

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