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Kevin Trudeau Weight Loss Book

If you’ve ever done research into weight loss methods, you’ve probably come across Kevin Trudeau weight loss books, websites and other information. His book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” stated that there are natural cures for many diseases and ailments and that the drug companies were conspiring against the public to hide information about natural remedies.

He published another book, The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About. In the book he primarily talks about how obesity isn’t so much the individuals fault as an over-eater, but more the fault of environment, particular body diseases, and man made hormones, sweeteners, and additives you ingest from your food. The main reason he points out is a abnormally functioning hypothalamus gland. .His diet focuses on activating the hypothalamus and includes 3 phases.

Kevin Trudeau Weight Loss Book

PHASE 1: In this part, he basically uses precious page space to sell himself and the products he endorses. He says that even though this phase is not a part of the actual diet, he recommends this phase because it includes websites and other resources where you can purchase health products, etc.

Phase 2: This stage begins the actual diet which includes a low calorie meal plan and HCG injections much like the HCG Diet. From the book it says, “The specific foods used cause chemical reactions in the body, combined with the HCG to activate the hypothalamus into releasing the secure abnormal fat reserves causing dramatic weight loss without the loss of muscle or structural fat.” Simply eating lower calories alone is not effective because your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down. People are not allowed to eat more than 500 calories a day after the first two days of the program, and they must stick to a strict plan of nothing but tea (at least you have lots of tea choices) for breakfast and 100 grams of beef, chicken or fish, a handful of vegetables and an apple or grapefruit for lunch and dinner.

Phase 3: This phase is much like the Atkins diet and does not call for HCG injections. It allows for regular eating (under the same rules as before of all organics, no artificial or man-made sweeteners, no fast food, etc.), but if you notice you’ve gained more than two pounds in a day you’re supposed to fast until 6 p.m., then eat a steak or other animal protein.

In preparation for the diet, you are asked to drink at least 1/2 gallon ofwater a day, green tea, yerba mate tea, chamomile tea and a tea for pancreas health, as well as supplements to cleanse the colon, eliminate yeast, provide calcium, probiotics and “whole foods,” remove heavy metals, burn fat and reduce stress, among others.He also calls for walking an hour a day, using a sauna daily, getting colonics every other day and getting massages once or twice a week during the program. And all that’s not to mention wearing devices to block “electromagnetic chaos,” eliminating all lotions and creams and cutting out all drugs.I have never tried this diet, but based on reviews some people have had success with it and some have not.

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