25.Sep.2012 L Carnitine Weight Loss Supplement

L Carnitine Weight Loss
Regulation of Fat Oxidation

L Carnitine weight loss? Yes, it’s true you can lose weight supplementing your daily diet with L-Carnitine. The primary function of this supplement in the body is to regulate fat oxidation. It can help you become slimmer when you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

Lean muscle tissue burns 5 times more calories than fat. The supplement works by releasing the stored energy your body needs to build muscle and burn fat during exercise.

The chemical occurs naturally in your own body. Your body makes it with the help of vitamins such as B6, c, and niacin. Lysine will also boost carnitine levels in your body because it is the amino acid precursor that builds the carnitine molecule. Many people have a carnitine deficiency, which may be one of the causes of their weight gain or obesity.

Have you ever been around someone who doesn’t seem to overeat, yet they are still overweight and have trouble losing extra pounds. It could be that those people are deficient of carnitine.

The supplement is also provides a great energy boost. The oxidation of fat is released as energy that keeps you feeling bright and full of energy all day. Carnitine generates real and pure natural energy from your own fat stores, unlike the false elation one feels on artificial stimulants.

Weight Loss

To achieve faster weight loss your body needs to be converting your stored fat into energy. This is achieved though exercise and metabolism. Give metabolism a boost and give your body more access to stored energy with carnitine.

L-Carnitine is the natural, effective weight loss solution people spent years and thousands of dollars searching for. Now you can lose all the excess weight and keep it off… Permanently! No wonder there’s so much excitement about the benefits of L Carnitine and the potential for permanent weight loss!

Fat Burning

L-carnitine transfers fat into the mitochondria — Mitochondria are the fat-burning chambers within your body’s cells — where they are burned for energy. But if you have an L-Carnitine deficiency, the fat cannot enter the inner cell to be metabolized. As a result, the un-metabolized fat will become stored fat (excess weight) in places you don’t want it!

Supplementing L-Carnitine into your diet helps stimulate your metabolism naturally and also helps:

Promote stored fat burning for increased energy. Long chained fatty acids are burned for energy. It enhances the consumption of fat as a source of fuel.

Increase the amount of fat you burn during cardio and strength training workouts.

Limit fatty buildup in the liver, skeletal muscle and heart.

Improve muscle strength.

Stabilize blood sugar and act as a mild appetite suppressant to control your food intake and eliminate cravings for carbohydrates.


It’s recommended that you start taking at least 1000 mg of L Carnitine per day to jump start L Carnitine weight loss.



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