Medifast For Faster Weight Loss

Medifast is a meal replacement program developed by a physician that claims to help you lose up to 20 pounds a month. The plan is recommended by doctors as a safe and effective way to help shed pounds.

They offer a free online support system, free one-on-one guidance, weight control centers, and medical advisors.

The 5 and 1 Plan

There are plans developed specifically for women, for men and for those with diabetes. With the 5 and 1 Plan, you eat 5 meals per day (choice of shakes, scrambled eggs, soups, oatmeal and many other foods). You also eat 1 Lean & Green Meal, which is a lean protein and non-starchy vegetable that you make at home or eat in restaurant.

A Sample Meal Plan

Meal #1: Breakfast: Scrambled eggs

Meal #2: Mid-morning: Dutch Chocolate shake

Meal #3: Lunch: Cream of tomato soup sprinkled with parsley flakes

Meal #4: Afternoon Medifast Caramel Crunch Bar

Lean & Green Meal: Dinner 5 oz grilled salmon, 1-1⁄2 cups cooked asparagus

Meal #5: Evening: French Vanilla shake

You eat at intervals of 2-3 hours which guarantees that you don’t feel hungry during the day. Coupled with drinking 64 oz of water per day, your stomach is constantly full.

Weight Loss

Expected weight loss is 2-5 pounds per week.

For the Very Overweight to Obese

This diet is designed for those who need to experience dramatic weight loss.


Compared to Nutrisystem, this diet is a tad less expensive. A 4-week package costs $299.50. For 4 weeks with Nutrisystem, you spend $299.95 with Auto Delivery. Without auto delivery on Nutrisystem, you’ll spend $333.28 plus $18.95 shipping. 

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