19.Sep.2012 Metabolism Boosters

Trick Your Body Into Burning More Calories.

You can trick your body into burning more calories with metabolism boosters. Here are my favorite ways to increase your metabolic rate.

Eat Several Times a Day at Regular Intervals

Your metabolism is your body’s fat burning furnace. Go too long without fuel and the metabolic flames will start dying down. You’ll burn lesscalories through out the day. But if you kindle the fire regularly with the right foods, it will keep burning. You should divide your meals into sixregular intervals including snacks. Every few hours you should be eatingsomething healthy to keep your metabolism burning effectively.

Eat Protein Snacks

You burn more calories during digestion by eating proteins like lean meat, cottage cheese, or plant proteins. A study of college women found that their metabolism soared twice as high after eating a high-protein meal rather than one packed with carbohydrates.

Build Muscle with Strength Training


The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. The average woman can lose 2-3 pounds of fat and gain 2-3 pounds of muscle in 2 months by lifting weights twice a week. This increases metabolism by 6-8 percent, which burns 100 extra calories a day. That’s 36,500 calories a year, totaling 10.428 pounds.

Don’t Forget Your Cardio

The more intensely you exercise, the higher your metabolism spikes during your workout—and after you stop. It’s best to break your cardio into high intensity intervals mixed with more moderate pacing. Just as acar requires more fuel to start and stop, your body will burn morecalories when you rev up energy during high intensity, slow down, and rev it up again.

So break up that 30-45 minute running session into intervals of running and walking. This also helps your body to continue burning calories at a higher level for over an hour after you’re done working out. A Canadian study found that intervals helped women burn 36 percent more fat during their workouts compared with non-stop high intensity.

For Extra Energy and Burn, Drink Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most researched metabolism boosters. Research has found that drinking a beverage with caffeine such as coffee and tea can temporarily increase metabolism by 6 percent. One study by Danish scientists found that drinking one cup of coffee burns up to nine extracalories an hour, for at least three hours after you drink it. This translates to burning 30-60 more calories a day depending if you have one cup or two. 

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