Ever Heard of Negative Calorie Foods?

The Negative Calorie Foods Effect

True, there are no foods that contain negative calories. Certain foods are called negative calorie foods based on the theory that your body burns more calories to digest them than the actual calories they contain. In the process of breaking down the food, theoretically, your body burns all the calories in the food itself and uses additional energy to completely metabolize it.

For example, if you eat an apple that has 50 calories, but your body uses 80 calories to digest the apple, then your body has burned 30 additional calories by eating the apple.

Apple W Tape Measure

How ’bout them apples? 

Foods that are said to have a negative calorie effect are: celery, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, strawberries, carrots, green beans, lettuce, onion, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, zucchini, apples, grapefruit, peaches, mangos, oranges, tomatoes and watermelon.

Other Schools of Thought

According to the Thermic Effect, your body never burns all the calories in ANY food through metabolism alone. Different foods take more energy to break down, but at most, your body will burn only up to 30 percent of the food’s calories during metabolism.

At any rate, foods that are said to have a negative calorie effect fall into the category of healthy foods. Naturally, if you went on a diet that contained mostly these foods and committed yourself to exercise, you would lose weight because of the low calorie and high fiber content, regardless of any negative calorie effect that may or may not be taking place.

These fruits and vegetables are also great appetite regulators and provide important enzymes for metabolizing calories and creating energy.

By incorporating more of these foods into your diet, you reap the benefits of essential vitamins and good nutrition, as well as fiber and bulk for a healthy digestive system. Many of these foods are associated with a great way to lose weight. It’s called The Raw Food Diet.

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