Nutrisystem is a calorie controlled meal replacement program. Dieting is made easier with portion controlled meals delivered directly to your door. There are no physical centers to visit and you can find all of your support online and over the phone.

In comparison to other programs like SunFare or Jenny Craig, it is much more affordable. You get food for as little as $11 a day, and your membershipand support come free with the food.

How It Works

First, you calculate your calorie requirements in an online analysis. Then, you choose your plan and your food. You create a 28 day menu based on the foods they provide, choosing a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day. Within days, your food is delivered to your door. Then you follow the meal planner provided, eat healthy and start tracking yourweight loss.

Who Is It For?

This meal replacement diet is for people who have active schedules and no time to worry about shopping for food, calorie counting, or cooking. The program couldn’t be easier for people with a busy life.


  • Programs tailored specifically for Men, Women, Vegetarians, andDiabetics.
  • Free membership to their online community.
  • Online tools to track your progress.
  • Free counseling and online support.
  • 3 weeks of free food when you select auto-delivery for a recurring monthly order.

Does It Work?

Yes, it works. I have a few close friends who have lost a lot of weight with the program. To read success stories for yourself, you can visit the company’s website.


As with any new program or meal replacement diets, consult your doctor before you begin.

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