02.Oct.2012 P90X Before and After: Total Body Transformation

Want to see a cool P90X before and after transformation?

I’ve heard so many great things about P90X and started doing research to find out what the fitness plan is all about. You can read the entire overview in another article on this site, but I wanted to share a cool before and after video that I found during research.

This guy named Palle posted a short video on YouTube that shows his P90Xtotal body transformation. I give the video kudos for it’s style, and I give the guy kudos for sticking with an extreme fitness plan for 90 days to give himself a better body. Go Palle!

Does P90X Work?
When people read reviews for any product the #1 question they have in mind is “Does it work?” Well, I find that with fitness programs in general, that they all work if you are willing to PUT IN THE WORK. You have to find one that’s right for you and make a commitment to do the necessary work. Just as the old saying goes “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The same is true for any diet plan or fitness routine. The resources are there: so take a drink!

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This is what Palle had to say about his P90X before and after video:

This is what happens when you bring it :)
P90X is a home training system that works. There are no fancy magic shortcuts to getting in shape, and no secret methods as in so many other home-training systems.

I got inspired seeing other P90X videos here on youtube, so I decided to give it a shot. And let me tell you, it´s no walk in the park, but if you can dedicate yourself and give it all for three months, you´ll get the results you want. This is me, 90 days ago and now, so get of your fat ass and bring it! ;) It works!

Hopefully I´ll be able to inspire others as well, to get in shape, you´ll feel better in so many ways, and what could be wrong with that?

The world needs more people living healthy or at least trying to. Or should I say, more people should be able to see that it works if you just have the dedication. Forget about diets, quick fixes and other mumbo jumbo methods. Work out, eat healthy and give it a shot, hell it´s only three months . Maybe you´ll change your way of life and get a few extra years out of your life.

Hopefully Palle has inspired you to “bring it!”

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