24.Sep.2012 Raw Food Weight Loss

Raw Food Weight Loss – Diet Plan


To experience lasting weight loss, you should eat raw, organic and alkaline foods. Raw foods are high in water, fiber and nutrition and they fill you up for less calories than regular food. When you eat raw food, enzymes that tell your body you are satiated remain intact, therefore curbing the false hunger cravings you experience after eating cooked foods. The average person will lose 2 pounds per week depending on the calories consumed.


Eat RAW Food For Weight Loss

When you think about it, eating raw is eating the same foods you normally eat, just preparing it differently. The variety and kinds of food you can eat remain great and delicious.


Eat ALKALINE Food For Weight Loss


Eating alkalizing foods will regulate your digestive system and help you lose weight. All green veggies have an alkaline ph balance. Fruits are either neutral or somewhat acidic, and most nuts and seeds are only slightly acidic.

You can test yourself to make sure your body is alkaline with alkaline test strips.


Eat ORGANIC Food For Weight Loss


One of the advantages of consuming organic foods is that they contain more nutrients, including alkalizing minerals than conventional grown foods. Thus eating organic speeds up weight loss though it’s alkalizing properties.

You can achieve weight loss on a raw food diet. Eat delicious, organic and alkaline meals daily and watch the pounds shed away. 

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