25.Sep.2012 Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Although I’ve never tried self hypnosis for weight loss, I do believe in the power of programming the subconscious mind. I’m a fan of meditating on positive affirmations to bring about change. Hypnosis is similar in that you program your mind to change your thinking which, in turn helps to change your habits.

The only true weight loss technique is proper diet and exercise, but hypnosis may be helpful in programing your thinking concerning diet and exercise. The American Psychological Association recognizes hypnosis as a useful clinical tool to change many behaviors. Self-hypnosis can aid you in helping change your eating patterns, exercise patterns andmotivationYou can learn to hypnotize yourself using relaxation and self-suggestion techniques.




The Actual Hypnosis

You can use your imagination to make suggestions to your unconscious about the eating behavior you want to choose. When you use hypnosis, you experience a change of state, losing awareness of the outside world and focusing intently on thoughts or pictures in your mind. This hypnotic state allows your imagination to influence your unconscious mind later, even when you are no longer in your trance-like state. You can practice self-hypnosis by choosing a warm, comfortable place to sit or lie, where you feel safe and private. Use relaxation techniques, such as slow breathing from your diaphragm, until you are very comfortable.

In self hypnosis for weight loss, visualize yourself eating slowly, enjoying every mouthful. See yourself stopping when you begin to feel full. Imagine how you will look when you have achieved your ideal weight.You can use positive affirmations such as “I am achieving my ideal weight.” “I stop eating when I am full.” “I love my body.” “I enjoy the process of losing weight.” “I love myself.” “I honor my body in everything I do.” “I enjoy exercising my body.” Program your mind and your actions will follow. Let the process work for you without resistance. Practice or meditate everyday, set sensible goals, and note your progress along the journey.



Hypnosis and mediation can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. You become more at peace with yourself and more focused on the goals you want to achieve. Anxiety usually falls away because of that peaceful focus where you decide that you are no longer going to let your circumstances control you. You become empowered to change whatever you want to change and you lose your tendency to procrastinate.

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