20.Sep.2012 Shape Your Abs Review

Shape Your Abs

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How It Works

Shape Your Abs focuses on strengthening your abdominal muscles, and features circuit training cardio designed to burn fat and sculpt your entire body.

Who It’s For

Beginning and intermediate level exercisers would consider this workout DVD to be a good challenge. You will need 2-5 pound weights and a mat. More advanced exercisers may want to increase from the 2-5 pound weights to something heavier and/or do more repetitions.

What To Expect

This exercise DVD is more than an ab workout. The instructor, Tracy York, focuses on burning calories and whole body sculpting. You work your abs in a section dedicated to core work, crunches, dynamic movement, and pilates.

There is a half hour circuit training routine consisting of four circuits: each is 5 minutes of cardio and about 3 minutes of weights. The circuit training is followed by the ab workouts done on the mat. The last section is a bonus 12 minute entire body toning routine that can be done on it’s own or in addition to the entire DVD.

Overall, I thought this DVD was fairly easy. As an advanced exerciser, I felt like I wanted more of a challenge, especially during the circuit training routine. I did work up a sweat in doing the whole DVD, including the 12 minute bonus section. This is a great DVD for burning, sculpting, and targeting your abdominals, but it just wasn’t challenging enough for me. But if you’re a beginner or at an intermediate level, I recommend you give it a try.

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