20.Sep.2012 Slim, Strong, and Sexy Body Sculpt Review

Your Body Breakthru
Slim, Strong and Sexy Body Sculpt

How It Works

Your Body Breakthru: Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpting is two 36-minute toning workouts. One focuses on upper body and core and the other focuses on the lower body and core.

Who It’s For

Intermediate. You need two sets of hand weights, a resistance band, and a mat (the band comes with purchase of a new DVD).

What To Expect

You might need to do this video more than once to become familiar with the routine. Instructor Michelle Dozois switches back and forth between hand weights and the band, and from standing exercises to mat exercises. At first it seems a little awkward, but it ends up being a good variety.

In Upper Body and Core, you warmup then work your chest, back, biceps, core, shoulders and arms. In Lower Body and core you warmup then do squats, balancing, plies, abductions, and core work.

Both segments require a lot of energy and stamina. I enjoyed the intensity but would probably want to do these segments on separate days or at separate times instead of all together. I got a great workout and I know I’m going to be sore later.

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