20.Sep.2012 Tamilee Webb Tight on Time Hot Spots Review

Tamilee Webb
Tight on Time Hot Spots

How It Works

Tamilee Webb TIGHT ON TIME HOT SPOTS is four 10-minute workouts that target your problem areas. Work your abs, arms and shoulders, and entire body with a fun, yet challenging toning routine.

Who It’s For

Intermediate beginners to intermediate. Since the exercises are 10 minutes long, they are somewhat quick paced for efficiency. Therefore, you should be familiar with the proper form in exercising with handweights. Grab a mat and 2-5 pound dumb bells for these routines. Tamilee suggests you use 3 pounds. There is a full body bonus section that incorporates the use of exercise tubing.

What To Expect

This is not a cardio intensive routine. Expect 4 great strength trainingworkouts that are paced fast enough to get your heart rate above normal. One segment focuses on abs, one on arms and shoulders, and one on the entire body. All three of these feature exercises with hand weights for efficiency and resistance. There’s an additional whole-body segment that uses exercise tubing for resistance. There’s a 4 minute warmup and a 4 minute cool down.

Tamilee’s cueing couldn’t be any better. You would think that all instructors would be able to cue well since that is a part of making their living, but not all of them are so skilled. I guess it’s chalked up to experience: Tamilee’s been instructing on exercise videos for a long time. She was the original “Buns of Steel” instructor.

She suggests that you start out with lighter weights until you get familiar with the routine. After starting out with 3 pound weights, you can gradually increase the weight for more resistance if this video becomes a staple in your fitness routine. These are efficient and quick exercises to fit into a busy week. 10 minutes here and there is better than skipping aworkout all together.


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