25.Sep.2012 Teen Weight Loss Tips

Steps to Losing Weight Today!

So, you’re an overweight teen looking for free teen weight loss tips. We’ll you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

First of all, how much weight do you want to lose???

Multiply that number by 3500 calories (because that’s how many calories you have to burn to lose a pound). Write it down.

That’s a lot of calories to burn right? But, don’t be overwhelmed. You can burn these calories with exercise and by restricting your diet a little.

First thing you need to do is find out how many calories you burn daily. Use my BMR Calculator to find out. It tells you how many calories you should eat to lose 1 pound a week. From there, you can either eat fewer calories to lose weight faster, or burn more calories with exercise.

For example: If I’m 5’2, 29 years old, and exercise 4 times a week, my BMR calculation says I need to consume 1594 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week. Say I want to lose more than that. I’ll either eat 500 less calories less than that per day, or I’ll burn 500 more calories a day with exercise. Doing this, I’ll lose 2 pounds per week. Many people shouldn’t eat fewer than 1100 calories per week without going into starvation mode.


You can either go to the gym, or you can get exercise by swimming, biking, team sports, running, and walking. These are all great ways that a busy teenager can get exercise for weight loss. Turn off the TV and video games and get more exercise. Or use video games that make you exercise like dancing or running in place.

I even have calculators that show you how many calories you burn during exercise. Check it out here: Calories Burned During Exercise Calculators

If you need a diet plan, I’ve developed a free 28 Day Meal Plan to help with your efforts. If you don’t have time to make your own food and can afford to go on a weight loss program, then you should do that. I know many people who have lost weight fast with Nutrisystem and exercise.

With the right advice, exercise, healthy eating, and attitude, you can become a fit teen and develop healthy habits that follow you into adult hood. Here you can discover what sneaky things may be sabotaging your diet . Discover the culprits and fix them now.

Here are 15 easy things you can do to lose weight.

Keeping It Off

The main things to remember are that long term weight loss requires you to make more nutritious food choices, get exercise, set realistic goals, get support from your family, ignore peer pressure to be perfect, and keep your motivation.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and changing behaviors is what is going to make a difference and help kids lose weight and keep it off. You will be happier, have more confidence, feel good and have a greater quality of life.Successful behaviors for teenage weight loss include: • Eating more fruits and veggies • Stop eating processed food and eat all whole grains • Eating lean meats and low fat dairy products • Eating less saturated fats. • Drinking less sugary and high calorie sodas • Exercising 5 times a week • Getting on the scale weekly but no more often than thatTell your parents to stalk the house healthy foods — including some treats. As a teen, you should be allowed to make your own food choices and if you decide to eat healthy and your family is the opposite, make sure you fight for what’s right for you. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you put into your body and the amount of exercise you get. So get healthy!


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