25.Sep.2012 Teenage Weight Loss

Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight


If your teenage weight loss efforts are failing, there are a few secret culprits to become aware of and fix. Things that seem to be unimportant or trivial can have a great impact on your weight.

Reason #1: Not Enough Sleep – Teenage Weight Loss Tips

You might be super busy and put sleep at the bottom of your priority list, but it needs to be at the top. Your body needs sleep to stay at a healthy weight. It’s a secret to some that when you are sleep-deprived, your body triggers a hunger signal in your brain for a boost of energy, even though you might not be hungry. This causes you to overeat, and eat unhealthy foods filled with carbs, sugar, and white starches for a quick fix because that’s what your body is craving. So make sure you get at least 6.5 hours of sleep per night or more.

Things you do everyday effect your sleeping habits. Here are some tips to get you fast asleep at night.

Switch to decaf drinks after 4p.m., since caffeine stays in your body for six hours.

Do a little exercise every day. Even small bits of exercise activity can use up enough energy to have you feeling sleepy when it’s time to go to bed. Dance around in your room after school, play a team sport, go roller blading, or anything you think is fun for exercise every day.

Disconnect from your Crackberry/iPhone/iPad/Computers: When it’s time to go to bed, switch off all of your fun gadgets so that you’re not tempted to play games, or check your texts and emails. They will still be there in the morning when you wake up, and you’ll be well rested and equipped to deal with your busy lifestyle.

Don’t stay up super-late on weekends. Sometimes it feels nice to stay up late, then sleep in on the weekends. You’re better off getting up at a decent hour on Saturday and Sunday morning, so that your body doesn’t get confused and make it harder to sleep the next night. Just get up, have some coffee and deal with your temporary lack of sleep so that you can get to be the next night.

Don’t use the TV as white noise when you fall asleep. Turn it off.Even though your eyes are closed, the TV light rays can be recognized through your eyelids. The light, though dim, stimulates your brain and prevents you from getting the good, deep sleep that your body needs. So if you require the TV on to fall asleep, set the sleep timer on the remote to shut off after 30 mins.

Reason #2: Skipping Breakfast – Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Skipping breakfast may seem like a great way to cut calories, but eating first thing in the morning gets your metabolism going. Breakfast eaters also feel less hungry all day, so they deal with fewer crazy junk food cravings.

Here’s how to fuel yourself up and get your metabolism burning for teenage weight loss:

Any breakfast is better than not eating, but try to aim for a breakfast that combines protein, which keeps you satisfied, and fiber, that helps you feel fuller longer. That way you won’t be super-hungry at lunch! Here are some ideas:

Instant oatmeal. Try to eat the original, then add no-calorie sweeteners and cinnamon, instead of flavored oatmeal which is loaded with sugar.

2 pieces of whole grain toast with peanut butter and a banana.

2 whole grain waffles with a side of non-fat yogurt and fresh berries

A breakfast bar. My favorite is the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar because it tastes great and provides 35 percent of your daily fiber.Add a piece of fruit or a small nonfat yogurt to make it a meal.

1 cup of a whole grain cereal (it should have at least 5 grams of fiber and fewer than 5 grams of sugar) with ¾ cup of strawberries and 1 cup of skim milk.

Reason #3: Portion Sizes – Teenage Weight Loss Tips

The worst thing that has happened to the American diet is the option to Super-Size. We don’t need that much food during our meals, especially food that isn’t healthy to eat in the first place. Even sit-down restaurants give you enough food and calories for TWO people in one meal. Just way too much. If you get used to eating this way, then you start eating that way at home too: overeating because your body and stomach are used to it. Re-think your idea of what a healthy serving is supposed to look like. Eat slowly and mindfully so you can stop when you are full.

Here’s how to be mindful of what you’re eating and stop when you feel full.

Check out the serving size and calories on the label of any packaged snack or food. Sometimes that small bag of chips or the bottle of soda from the vending machine is two servings or more! The label most likely won’t tell you the total calories in the whole package, only the calories for one serving. So if the bag or bottle is two servings, multiply those calories by two, then think twice about finishing the whole thing.

Eat slowly so that you can recognize when you’re full before you become stuffed.It can take your body up to 10 minutes to get the signal that you’re satisfiedEat smaller portions and eat more often. To keep your metabolism burning at it’s peak, you need to be feeding yourself a healthy and small portion every 3 hours.

Size up your favorite restaurant treats.

A quick cheat sheet:

Pizza: A thin-crust slice that’s no more than 6 inches across at the crust is perfect.

Pasta: A healthy serving is 1 ½ cups, which is about the size of two fists. (Some restaurants give you two to three times that!)

Burgers: A regular-sized fast food burger is actually about the right size. So the next time you’re served up a massive patty and bun at a restaurant, cut it in half because that is really all you need. Save the rest of it and have it 3 hours later, or share it with a mate.

Reason #4: Eating While Distracted or Bored – Teenage Weight LossTips

Ever start snacking away while you’re on the computer or on the phone with a friend, and before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole bag of chips? Eating while doing other things like watching TV, surfing the internet, or talking on the phone is a surefire way to overeat. Reason is that when you’re busy doing something else, you forget that you’re stuffing your face, and don’t realize that you’re probably not even hungry.

Here are some ways to practice mindful eating for teenage weight loss:

Actually Enjoy Your Food. Don’t you want to taste every yummy bite?

Set aside 10 minutes for your meal. This means, taking your food to a table, sitting down, realize what you are doing, and eat. When you’re full, stop and go focus on something else.

Set your fork down. It’ll make your meal last longer and force you to chew every bite.

Savor the taste. Chew slowly and savor every bite. You’ll feel more satisfied and actually feel like you’ve had a good meal.

Don’t grab a whole bag or box of snacks and start munching. If you are truly hungry, put a serving size in a bowl, that way when you are done, you know exactly how much of the treat you have eaten and if you reach for more, the bowl is empty rather than endless.

Outsmart boredom. If you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on, instead of heading to the kitchen for a snack, do some push ups or crunches, or workout your thumbs and text that kid from school you have a crush on.

Reason #5: Liquid Calories – Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Soft drinks, juices, bottled sweet teas, Jamba Juice smoothies. You may think they’re just drinks, but they contain enough calories to equal a meal most of the time. They are loaded with sugar, which causes your blood sugar levels to spike, then crash, making you crave and feel hungrier than before you drank it.

Be careful with fancy coffee drinks. Frappachinos, mochas, and many of the amazing drinks at your favorite coffee shop are great treats, but they are loaded with calories, fat and sometimes sugar. If you’re going to have one, have it in place of something else and think of it as a dessert.

Instead of ordering soda at restaurants, get water and fancy it up a bit. Limes, oranges, and lemons make great additions to your water. Squeeze in a slice, add some splenda and enjoy a fruity beverage without the calories and sugar!

Reason #6: Stress – Teenage Weight Loss Tips

Stress triggers a hormone called cortosol which causes your body to store fat. If you add to the fact that you eat more when you’re stressed, then you are sure to pack on the pounds.

Here are some ways to unwind and relax:

Work at least 10 minutes of physical activity into your day. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce overall stress levels—even a quick walk, bike, or jog!

If you feel overwhelmed, take a break and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes. Deep breaths are a surefire way to calm your nerves. Inhale through your nose for 5-10 seconds, then exhale through your nose for the same beats. Repeat until you feel calm.

Snack healthy if you are going to snack when stressed. Forget the bag of chips or candy bar. Grab a handful of almonds, or baby carrots. They’re crunchy, small, and you can eat a lot of them without messing up your diet.

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