19.Sep.2012 The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD Review

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga


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How It Works

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga is about an hour long and puts a fat-burning, endurance building spin on traditional relaxation yoga.

Who It’s For

Whatever your current level of fitness, you will get a great workout with this DVD. I consider myself to be pretty advanced, but even I thought it was a little tough. If you are a beginner, it will be VERY challenging, but if you keep with it, you will definitely see results.

What To Expect

The main focus is on increasing your level of fitness and stamina with challenging and strength oriented movements. After the warmup, there are 3 levels you can do individually, mix and match, or do all at once. Then you have the option to cool down.

If this is your first yoga workout, you might want to try something likeThe Trainer’s Edge Long and Lean Yoga to familiarize yourself with the proper form, because this DVD doesn’t feature a lot of teaching on the proper way to hold a movement. You’ll be fine, but it may take you a few times working out to this video to get the movements down. The instructor, Bob Harper doesn’t put any emphasis on proper breathing either, which is one of the most important aspects of good yoga technique.

If you’re looking for traditional yoga, this is not it. But if you are looking to shake up your yoga routine and try something that will make you sweat, you should try out this DVD.

Bob is also so light hearted and friendly, it makes this workout a good way to start your day.

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