25.Sep.2012 Topamax and Weight Loss, The Side-Effect of an Epileptic Drug

Topamax and Weight Loss 
Weight Loss Side Effect of Drug for Migraines and Epilepsy


The relation between Topamax and weight loss is actually a side effect of the prescription medication that was created to prevent the occurrence of migraines and to treat epilepsy. There are various possible side effects of Topamax, with weight loss being the most appealing to those looking to shed some weight. Some doctors have begun prescribing the product for the sole benefit of weight loss. In clinical trials, the use of the product resulted in weight loss for 16 percent of adults and about 21 percent of children.

The FDA has not approved Topamax for use as a weight loss medication. However, your healthcare provider may prescribe it for weight loss in certain situations. When used for weight loss, the use of the drug is considered “off-label.” Off-label is when a prescription medicine is used to treat a disease or condition for which the drug has not been approved by the FDA. Although the FDA regulates how a medication can be advertised or promoted by the manufacturer, these regulations do not restrict a doctor’s ability to prescribe the medication for different conditions, in different doses, or for different lengths of time. Your healthcare provider may prescribe a medicine for off-label use when he or she feels that the medicine is appropriate for your situation.

In general, Topamax is not considered a good choice for weight losstreatment due to common side effects, such as memory loss or difficulty concentrating. These side effects can make it difficult to tolerate Topamax. Several studies have shown that the medication is effective for treating obesity, but these studies generally concluded that the side effects were not necessarily worth the benefits.

Side effects in total include numbness and tingling, fatigue, taste change,weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, eye pain, loss of vision, decreased sweating, suicidal thoughts and actions, depression, anxiety, feeling agitated or restless, trouble sleeping, panic attacks, irritability, aggressiveness, being angry or violent, acting on dangerous impulses, mania, other unusual changes in behavior or mood, and difficulty with concentration and trouble remembering things. Whooo! That’s a lot of scary side effects!

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If you do take Topamax, doctors recommend that you start out at a low dosage, then slowly increase the amount until you find what’s effective for you. They say it takes time to accumulate in your bloodstream before you feel the effects. Including the side effects such as weight loss. It may take up to 3 months for you to see a difference. Considering the side effects, this drug is probably not worth it.

If you’re interested, consider the side-effects and ask your doctor if the product for weight loss may be right for you.

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