20.Sep.2012 Total Core Pilates With Jules Benson Review

Total Core Pilates
with Jules Benson

How It Works

Total Core Pilates With Jules Benson is almost an hour of intense exercises that work your entire body with a primary emphasis on your core.

Who It’s For

This Pilates routine is suitable for an experienced Pilates practitioner. It requires a mat, determination, and energy.

What To Expect

A hard-core workout combining traditional Pilates techniques and abdominal exercises that work your core till you’re sore. Jules leads you through flowing moves, isometric and stabilization holds. She keeps it well paced and interesting with a combination of Teasers, roll-ups, Plank moves, and back strengthening work.

This Pilates workout is a great alternative to traditional and boring ab workouts. You work your core while strengthening your entire body and awakening all of your muscles.

In the past when I’ve worked my core doing sit-ups and doing roll-ups on a machine, I would only stay focused on abs for about 5-10 minutes because it became tedious quickly. With a video like this, I’m able to work my core for an hour, get variation, use more muscles and be finished before I know it. This is a great Pilates routine to add to your collection.

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