25.Sep.2012 Truvia

Review: What is it? Is it safe?

Truvia has given those other no-calorie sweeteners a run for their money. Move over Splenda. Bye bye NutraSweet. Adios Sweet’N Low. Don’t let the door hit you, Equal.


So What Is It?

It’s a no-calorie sweetener made from a shrub native to South America called stevia. Stevia’s been used as a sweetener in South America for centuries. Well, it’s nice of South America to share it with the rest of the world.

Companies Cargill and Coca-Cola have debuted the product as a tabletop sweetener and an ingredient in certain Coca-Cola products.

You can bake with it, sweeten your drinks, and use it in smoothies. All of these uses come without a chemical aftertaste.

Is It Safe?

This natural sweetener differs from other no-calorie sweeteners in that it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals like saccharin and aspartame, which are poisonous to the body. Read more about aspartame poisoning.

Truvia is all natural, and according to Cargill’s communication director, it’s backed by extensive safety studies.

Those studies show no signs of possible side effects: no effects on reproduction, fertility, blood sugar, or other health issues.

A frequently asked question is: “Is Truvia safe for diabetics to use?” The answer to that is yes. According to health studies, it’s a natural sweetener that doesn’t effect the glycemic index.


The FDA is constantly finding out that products we thought were safe are actually causing adverse health effects. You hear scary reports on the new about these issues all the time. Some are well founded, like when humans discovered smoking was a cause of lung cancer.

Will Truvia wind up on the news in the future with reports of causingcancer, blindness, deafness, or any other health defect? Only time will tell. But as with anything, the best thing to do is use it in moderation. Just because it’s low-calorie and presumably safe, does not mean we should abuse it.

My Review

I was very excited when I bought my first box. I couldn’t wait to try out this product that I’d been hearing so much about. I put on a pot of coffee, poured some in my cup, and ripped open the pack of the sweetener like it was a birthday present. The coffee tasted good. No trace of any chemical or after taste detected.

I opened another pack and poured it in my mouth to see what it was like on it’s own. The crystal texture made me feel like I was eating candy. On it’s own it was still a good sweetener. It had a little bit of an odd taste to it, but nothing overwhelming. Who eats it straight out of packageanyway? OK, maybe your kids, but are they complaining?

Weight Loss Tips 

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