Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator

Is Your Ratio Ideal?

A waist to hip ratio calculator divides your waist measurement by your hip measurement. Use this calculator to find out yours.

A waist to hip ratio is used as an indicator to predict the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

There is a correlation between where fat is stored on your body and your risk for disease. Most people store their body fat in either an “apple” shape or a “pear” shape.

People who carry fat around their midsection (apple) are at greater risk for chronic diseases. The risks are certainly higher than if carrying fat around your hips, thighs and other areas (pear).




Calculate Your Waist To Hip Ratio



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The Ideal


Women Men
0.8 or less 0.95 or less


The Science

In a case-controlled study (The INTERHEART) with 27,000 people from 52 countries, scientists found that in both sexes and among most ethnicities, the risk for cardiovascular disease increased as the participant’s waist to hip ratio increased. They found that people with the highest waist-to-hip ratios were 2.5 times more likely to have a heart attack than those with the lowest.

The theory is that excess abdominal fat is more resistant to insulin, which increases the risk for diabetes. The onset of diabetes, then, increases the risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. 

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