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Weight loss for kids has become a very popular subject. In America, being overweight and obesity has become the norm among children. As a result, diabetes and other serious health problems are a growing epidemic among children.

There are many factors that contribute to the rising epidemic of obesity among kids. There’s access to soda and candy at school; sometimes parents don’t feed kids the proper foods; and many parents don’t have the will power to say no to a kid who says he’s hungry, even though he might have just eaten. It’s important to identify the causes of the problem and fix them right away.

Educate your kids on the negative health effects of being over weight. Then start them off eating less calories and getting more exercise.

Weight Loss For Kids

To help your kids lose weight, you can stick to the basics. You don’t need to worry about counting calories, fats, carbs, etc. Instead, just provide healthy meals consisting of whole grains, fiber, vegetables, good fats, and good carbohydrates. And encourage regular exercise (have them join a team sport).It also helps to be a good role model. Children eat what their parents eat, so if you’re not healthy, then the chance of your kids being healthy isn’t great. Set a good example and the whole family will be healthy.

If your kids are already overweight or obese, you will need to make some changes to his diet. Cut out the sodas, the processes snack foods, the microwave treats that come in a box, etc. Cut out the obvious culprits and keep in mind that a pound is 3500 calories. If your child is gaining weight every year, to the tune of 1 pound a week (more or less) then cut back their calories by 500 a day which amounts cutting back a pound a week and your child will stop gaining weight.

For most kids, a drastic change to their diets is unnecessary. Most kids don’t gain 52 pounds a year, your overweight child is likely just gaining an extra 10-15 pounds a year, which would be equal to just 100-150 calories a day, which equals a can of regular soda.

Stopping Weight Gain - Weight Loss For Kids


The most important first step is to stop gaining weight.Using the method above, instead of counting all of your child’s calories and trying to stay below some set caloric intake, you can use the fact that your child most likely eats about the same number of calories each day.

So just calculate how much extra weight your kid gained in the last year and adjust his diet to get rid of these extra calories. The change might be as easy as switching to non-fat milk, diet soda or a more healthy snacks.

Cutting back on the above number of calories each day should help your child to stop gaining weight. If your child is not very overweight and he hasn’t finished puberty yet, then not gaining more extra weight might be not enough, as he gets taller and ‘grows into’ his weight.

Losing Weight - Weight Loss For Kids

After stopping weight gain, decide if your child needs to lose some weight.

If so, you can use the same calculations to figure out how much more to cut your child’s daily calories by to lose weight. Remember that a pound equals 3500 calories. So, once your child has stopped gaining, if you want your kid to lose 5 pounds a year, then cut his calories back by 50 a day. To lose 10 pound, cut out 100 calories a day and so on.

Analysis Of Your Child’s Diet - Weight Loss For Kids

Although you don’t need to count calories each and every day and know where every fat gram is coming from, you do need to understand your child’s diet to help him lose weight.Some good questions to answer include:

How many calories does your child get from the things he drinks?

How many snacks does he eat?

What are his portion sizes like?

On average, how many calories does he get at each meal?

After you look closely at your child’s diet for a few days or a week, you should be able to see patterns of where the extra calories come from. Cutting back on calories might be as easy as eliminating a bedtime snack, changing to diet drinks or low fat milk, or not super-sizing his portions.

Getting Exercise - Weight Loss For Kids

Being active is essential in stoping weight gain and in losing weight. Think about how much exercise your child gets on average and decide if they need more exercise to burn those extra pounds away. So just as I mentioned before that you should cut back child’s your diet by 50 calories a day to lose 5 pounds a year, your child could also exercise to burn an extra 50 calories a day and lose weight.

Or do a combination of both for 100 calories a day, and 10 pounds lost per year.

How can children burn 50 calories a day exercising?Your kids can easily burn 50-100 calories a day with regular activities that they already love such as roller blading, bike riding, team sports (baseball, soccer, basketball) or simply walking.

These basic tips should give you a better understanding of what you need to try to do to help your child get to a more healthy weight. You can also get more help from your pediatrician and/or a registered dietitian.

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