25.Sep.2012 Weight Loss Patches

What do they promise and do they work?

Weight loss patches are similar to a nicotine patch that you affix to your arm so that your body can absorb the contents of the patch. With dietpatches, the contents of the patch are usually guarana, chromium and garcina cambogia. (I say “usually” because these ingredients are not included in all patches and this is not a complete list of ingredients).

Function of Ingredients

Guarana is a stimulant believed to be an energy booster. Guarana beans contain about 50% more caffeine than coffee beans. Chromium works with insulin in assisting cells to absorb glucose and release energy. Garcina cambogia prohibits an enzyme that turns excess carbohydratesinto fat, therefore boosting carbohydrate oxidation (carbohydrateburning).

The Patch Promise

Patch distributors claim that by absorbing these ingredients into your body via the patch, your appetite is suppressed, you feel more energy, and are able to better control what you eat and how much you eat. Thus, they help you to lose weight.

Promise Fulfilled?

There is no scientific evidence available to support claims that these dietpatches work. I wouldn’t recommend them without trying it out first. If I decide to experiment with the patches, I’ll post an update describing my experience. If you’ve tried the patch and want to share your experience with me, us the Contact Us page and tell me all about it.

Where To Find Patches

You can find patches at stores like the Vitamin Shoppe and GNC from around $30-$60. The least expensive way to get them would be online. You can buy them starting at $11.


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