Weight Loss Motivation

Sticking With It
Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Why is weight loss motivation important?

Motivation is a key factor in attaining success in what ever we do, including losing weight. It is the drive that moves us toward something we want.

Many of us have started a diet or a workout routine, but we stop along the way because we somehow lost the motivation to keep going. It’s not uncommon to experience a lack of weight loss motivation, but the key is to combat it head on.

Create a plan for yourself and an environment for success. Start at the end. Be able to see your goal, see how you want to look and feel what life would be like. You know what you have to do. Claim success everyday. Prioritize your life. Guard your words and thoughts. Every day, come up with affirmations that support what you are doing. You must have a process and find enough joy that you don’t have to find all of it in your food. Create a life that fulfills.

Some people’s process includes the use of a weight loss motivation coach, or self-hypnosis tapes or other mind control techniques.

Do what ever works for you and try the tips below.

By using a few simple techniques, you can boost your motivation and stay on track.


1. Write your vision and make it plain. In other words, write down in simple terms what it is you want to achieve. And write it in a sense of something you WILL do, instead of something you WANT to do. For example, write: I will lose 50 pounds in a year. Keep it realistic and develop a positive attitude about it.
2. Create a plan that is workable. Figure out your schedule and how to best fit exercise into it. Set up a diet plan of what to eat and when to eat it.
3. Take action on your plan, step by step. Take it day by day and commit to staying focused. It’s important to keep your head out of the past, and realize that today is all you really have. If you didn’t follow your diet yesterday, don’t dwell on it. Today is a new day. Focus on today!
4. At the root of motivation is confidence. Build your self esteem. By increasing your self confidence and being positive about your self worth, motivation is easier to attain because you believe you deserve what you’re after.
5. Learn how to handle stress, anxiety and depression. The acronym is S.A.D. Emotional eating is a major factor in weight gain. You can stop the bad habit of eating to ease life’s troubles if you change the way you respond to S.A.D.
6. Be aware of your actions on holidays and social events. Many people experience holiday weight gain. It’s okay to reward yourself, but don’t let your actions over the holiday’s throw you off balance. And don’t feel guilty about what you ate or drank. Remember, today is a new day!

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