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It’s tough to lose weight if you’re dehydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Water and Weight Loss


Quick Tip

Eat 5-6 small portions a day for a metabolism boost.

Truvia Is All The Rage.
What is it? Is is safe to use? Read my review.

Green Tea and Weight Loss
How green tea can help you lose weight.

Sample Low Carbohydrate Diet
Take a look at a sample low carbohydrate diet menu based on the Atkins Diet.

Lose Weight in the Sauna?
You can lose weight in the sauna. Most of it’s water, and some calories. It’s not much, but it’s worth something.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight
Discover a few simple things you can do to eat fewer calories and lose weight throughout the year.

Quick Tip

A reasonable and safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week.


A Healthy Amount of Weight To Lose Per Week
Don’t try to lose it too fast. It’s important to take it slow.

Overcome Emotional Eating
Emotional eating can be detrimental to your weight loss. Discover how to get your power and control back.

P90X Before and After
Palle transformed his entire body using P90X and shares his results with a video.

Take It Day By Day
8 simple things you should do every day to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quick Tip

Fill up on fiber for breakfast. Start your day feeling full. Fiber is an excellent weight management tool.
Sources of Fiber


Metabolism Boosters
Natural and easy ways to boost your metabolism.

7 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose Weight
7 simple things you can do to lose weight fast!


Fiber – Lose Weight & Keep Disease at Bay
Chart tells you how much fiber is in your favorite foods.


Exercises to Burn Fat Quickly
Learn how to burn fat with 2 types of exercise.

What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight?
Can you handle the truth?

Weight Loss Patches
What is a weight loss patch and can it help you lose weight?


Quick Tip

Meal plans containing 1000-1200 calories will help most women lose weight safely.


Belly Fat Burning Foods
Foods that speed up your metabolism and help trim your waistline.

Aspartame, the Poison in Your Soft Drink
Alarming information on how a chemical sweetener could be taking a toll on your health.

How to Boost Weight Loss Motivation
Because sometimes you just need a boost.

Lose 2 Pounds a Week
My tried and true method of losing 2 pounds a week or more.

Metformin and Weight Loss
The prescription diabetes medication with a weight loss side effect.

Quick Tip

Don’t eat in front of the TV.

The Cabbage Soup Diet
A quick fix for fast weight loss.

Body Wraps and Weight Loss
Can a body wrap really help you lose weight?

Quick Weight Loss Tips
Here are a few quick and effective ways to lose weight quickly.


Quick Tip

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 days a week.


Fast Food in Your Diet
Explains how you can include fast food in your diet and still lose weight.

Weight Loss Retreats
Today’s health spas focus on long-term lifestyle changes that you can take home with you–in beautiful, luxurious settings with a lot more than a few greens on your plate.

Best Weight Loss Supplement
Take the guess work out of choosing a weight loss supplement. Get an overview of selected supplements and read reviews on Amazon.com.

Increase Your Self Esteem
Studies show that people with high self esteem achieve their goals the quickest. Master your mind — master your body.

Quick Tip

Only eat when you are hungry.
Are you a compulsive eater?


Get all of your questions answered with a book that shows you what exercises really work for getting a flat stomach. Photo illustrations and great techniques for building 6 pack abs!


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