19.Sep.2012 Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss


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How It Works

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss is a 45-minute relaxing yoga routine.

Who It’s For

Absolute beginners. A great yoga routine if you haven’t worked out for a while or have never tried yoga and are seeking to get back into shape. You’ll need a yoga mat.

What To Expect

This yoga routine is not an absolute answer for weight loss. You not going to sweat and burn a lot of fat during this yoga workout. It’s more geared toward creating a harmonious balance in your body with the practice of becoming centered and learning to appreciate your body.

With repeated use, you gain more strength, flexibility, and a better posture. You’ll better your health and gain more body awareness.

This yoga workout uses four instructors who demonstrate the modified versions of the yoga poses simultaneously. Since there are 4 of them demonstrating variations, the modifications cover different levels of fitness: from the non-flexible beginner to advanced flexible beginner.

This workout was way to easy for me, but I knew it would be when I ordered it. My reasoning behind trying it was to give readers who aren’t so advanced something they might want to try. This yoga DVD is a great way to start up a workout routine, and you may want to add in some cardio separately throughout the week.

To Order: Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

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