19.Sep.2012 Yoga Total Body Makeover Review

Yoga Total Body Makeover

Yoga Total Body Makeover

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How It Works

Yoga Total Body Makeover is a 50 minute workout is designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body. You will need a yoga mat.

Who It’s For

This yoga DVD is definitely for the intermediate and advanced. The instructor moves through the positions quickly, so you might find it difficult to keep up if you are just starting to practice yoga and are not very flexible.

What To Expect

This workout is broken down into 4 segments you can do all at once or individually. Fitness instructor Alanna Zabel starts you out with a warmup to awaken your body and get your blood flowing. Then you segue into the Lower Body Makeover for 15 minutes that sculpts your buns and thighs. Burn and tone in this segment with chair positions, warrior 1-3, and more. Next you strengthen your arms, back, and torso in the Upper Body Makeover portion for about 12 minutes. The 4th segment is Core Conditioning. Give your abs a workout with camel crunches, knee to forehead movements, and the bicycle.

There are extra segments called Stretch and Flexibility and Buns Burner. If you’re not very flexible, I recommend doing the stretch and flexibility exercises over a period of time to get your body in better condition to do yoga.

I liked this workout but it was a little bit more demanding than I’m used to. I’ll rotate through some more yoga DVDs and eventually come back to this one when I’m up for the challenge.

To Order: Yoga Total Body Makeover


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